Snapchat Lens Studio now lets anyone create AR Face Lenses, gains integrated GIF stickers


Snapchat is updating its Lens Studio tool with the ability to create custom Face Lenses for the first time. Lens Studio previously offered the ability to create World Lenses, or AR effects applied to your environment, and now users can create custom selfie effects as well.

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Snapchat gets group video call functionality

In an update that's rolling out from Snapchat's side, you can now initiate a group video call, by clicking on the Video Call symbol on the bottom right. It will send a notification to everyone who's online, and up to 16 people can join the conversation. It seems that iOS …

You can now build your own face filter for Snapchat

Snap is expanding its developer platform to let creators build face filters for the first time, the company said today. Four months after introducing its Lens Studio platform, which allowed creators to build the augmented reality objects that Snap calls “world lenses,” Snap is releasing seven new templates … Read More …

Captain Morgan rum kills Snapchat ad campaign for good

The owner of rum brand Captain Morgan has revealed that it will not be returning to Snapchat for any further ad campaigns. The Drum reports that drinks company Diageo froze its ad spend on the platform earlier this year after questions were raised about its age verification processes. Now it …