Police track down drug dealer after figuring out his fingerprint from a WhatsApp PHOTO of his hand


Police in Wales located a drug dealer by studying a photo of his hand that showed part of his fingerprint. The unprecedented technique was used to arrest not only one criminal but also 10 more the drug dealer worked with, according to BBC. Police workers found a photo of the man's hand holding …

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Police used picture of a partial fingerprint to convict drug dealers

Police in Wales used the partial fingerprint of a suspect that appeared in a photo on a mobile phone seized by police to connect the dots and help secure 11 convictions. After making an arrest in Bridgend, west of Cardiff, police discovered a photo in a WhatsApp thread which showed …

First WhatsApp update since Facebook privacy scandal will make a massive change to messaging

According to a report on WABetaInfo, the latest version of WhatsApp for Android (2.8.113) will allow users to redownload older media files from the company's servers. But it only seems to go back so far – beyond that users will be given a message asking the sender to re-send the …

WhatsApp Payments gets ‘Request Money’ feature on Android beta; here’s how to use it

WhatsApp added UPI-based payments feature to the messaging platform earlier this year that allows you to send money to other users on the platform. Until now, the feature only allowed you to send money to your contacts, but with the latest update for Android beta, the messaging platform has gained … …