Artificial Intelligence to Thrive in Logistics According to DHL and IBM

A.I and Customer Experience

… new levels of value creation; Augments human expertise through self-learning systems that help generate novel insights from big data and eliminate difficult tasks; AI in logistics to include back office automation, predictive operations, intelligent logistics assets and new customer experience models …

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A.I and Customer Experience
5 Critical Components of Information Technology That Will Make or Break Your Business

Using the latest innovations, organizations are working hard to improve the customer experience of a market that has a continuously decreasing … In a report published by PwC in 2017 about the global impact and adoption of AI, it was revealed that 72% of top business executives believe that AI …

A.I and Customer Experience
It’s up to us to decide how and where AI enters our lives

If we think it's worth it, we'll take a survey or share insights into things like our customer experience when we purchased laundry detergent in a store. No harm done and we get something out of it, such as an improved checkout experience. If we don't see value in the …

A.I and Customer Experience
Reskilling in the age of AI

Given the magnitude and speed of change in the market, basic employee reskilling that considers conventional career paths or jobs will be inadequate in the age of AI. The rapidly increasing demand for hybrid jobs like marketing/human resources, data science/operations, and user experience … Read More Share this NewFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn