DBS Bank And Kasisto Selected As Winners In Second Annual LendIt Fintech Industry Awards

A.I and Customer Experience

"We have years' worth of evidence that proves implementing conversational AI in financial institutions already greatly reduces costs while simultaneously improving the customer experience," said Zor Gorelov, CEO and Co-Founder at Kasisto. "DBS has been a champion for this kind of innovation since …

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A.I and Customer Experience
Applitools closes $31 million funding round, will build out AI platform for visual testing, monitoring

Applitools Eyes uses AI to mimic the human eye during user interface testing to validate all aspects of the visual user experience, from colors, button sizes and placement, look and feel, graphics and text, and more. With Eyes, organizations can ensure their applications look and act correctly on all … Read …

A.I and Customer Experience
Sponsored Post-Crisis Management, Visual Media Immersion & AI: 3 Reasons to Attend AIM |18

“In multifamily, loyalty equals retention,” noted Lisa Trapp, director of customer experience at Sequoia Equities, Inc., during the AIM | 17 session on Person Centric Marketing. “Let's talk about United Airlines. Does bad PR necessarily mean that you lose customers? No. Not if we get into our renters' … Read More …

A.I and Customer Experience
TechBytes with Steve Borthwick, CTO, Artesian

Finally moving on to automation, many people still, unfortunately, hold the belief that in the 'new world' Artificial Intelligence will see much of the role of seller replaced by a bot and that delivering genuinely personal customer experiences will suffer as a result. In my experience, however, this is not …